Review: I’m So Excited

I’m So Excited! is the story of passengers on flight 2459 to Mexico City dealing with the news of technical problems and an inevitable emergency landing. Everyone in economy is drugged leaving those in business class to panic before embracing personal breakthroughs and a lot of alcohol.

The film came from Amoldóvar’s imaginings of sexual escapades of stewards and pilots, and how ‘the fantasies of flight are sex and death.’ The constant movement and lack of concrete time in a plane are a place for creativity and letting go. ‘To be excited in Spanish means to be horny’ there is no question of a double meaning here.


It is a true return to colourful comedy and came by request of fans in Madrid. The parallels between the story and financial problems in Spain are clear. The plane circles while the passengers know the emergency landing is coming. On board though impending disaster is dealt with through talk, sex and drink, ‘I wanted to turn a catastrophe into a party’ says Amoldóvar. Although comedic, the desperation and resolve is sincere. The essence of human truth may not be revealed, but it is a lot of fun.

Bright colours and flipping fringes come straight from the 80’s, when Amoldóvar started making films and when life in Spain was good. A toast to the time is made with Valencian cocktails and mescaline.

Despite the dramatic sounding setting it is the fast movement and dialogue of the characters that push the pace of the film. Wanting to work with actors was the reason that Amoldóvar became a director. He acknowledges the crucial role of lighting, photography and sound in narration, but the story is told through the ‘bodies, hearts and guts’ of the actors. Every limb and organ is used here. Javier Cámara sweeps through as the loose lipped head steward balancing between personal hurt and showmanship. Also excellent is Lola Dueñas as Bruna the virginal psychic looking for some drug lords in Mexico who ‘sounded lovely on the phone’.

It’s filthy verging close to crude at times. The outrageously camp stewards perform a full-length choreographed dance routine (you can probably guess to which song), but when entering into an Amoldóvar film that’s sort of what you sign up for. Speedy backstories and solid comedic timing make for a grown-up but easy watch. In order to enjoy. Relax, just do it.

Naomi Walmsley

I’m So Excited will be showing in the Grosvenor Cinema from Friday 3 May. Click here for more information.

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