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Film adaptation of Scottish Author John Niven’s Kill Your Friends to start filming in March

90s music movie to star Nicholas Hoult


A film adaptation of John Niven’s critically acclaimed novel Kill Your Friends is set to start shooting in March.


The book, which tells the story of Steven Stelfox, a ruthless, psychopathic A&R agent at a record label in the 90s at the height of Britpop mania, was released in 2008. Yesterday (February 12), Niven confirmed the film adaptation will commence filming in March. 


“After much delay and hell I am very pleased to say that the movie of Kill Your Friends starts shooting in March,” the Scottish author tweeted.


Little details have been announced about the film, but Niven has confirmed Nicholas Hoult (Skins, A Single Man) will take the role of Stelfox, who has been described as a Patrick Bateman-esque character. Anyone who has read the eye-popping book will also know it’s highly unlikely to be rated anything other than an 18.